Dear friends,
Welcome to our dream Lou’s Food Republic.

My name is D.B. Lusson and I’m going to tell you our story. “Our story” because a great adventure wouldn´t be possible without a great travelling buddy, in my case my dog Lou.
Together we travelled the world, but our best adventure was discovering a small city in southern California, Newport Beach. It is a very special place… its mix of cultures Californian, Hawaiian and Mexican, makes it unique.
As soon as we arrived, we fell in love with the people and their lifestyle, but overall their food. It took time to discover their secret. How did they get it to be so Good? And every time I asked, they answer the same:
‘‘The secret is, there is no secret’’
And they were right. Their best kept secret is a very simple recipe: quality products, lots of love when cooking and, the most important, everything Homemade.

In that moment, we decided that it was necessary to bring this lifestyle to the rest of the world, and share a Little bit of California with you.
So, Friends thank you for sharing this great adventure with us.
D.B. Lusson & Lou